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Pebeo Setasilk Water Based Gutta is the perfect companion to be used with Pebeo Setasilk colours. Gutta is a paste that penetrates the fabric and creates a colour barrier. The Setasilk Guttas are pearlescent, water based guttas for use on silk. The water-based guttas have a thick consistency and are used to create outlines on silk using the serti technique. The serti technique encloses or fences an area on the silk using resist (gutta/outliner) before filling with paint or dye.

The Setasilk gutta comes in a 20 ml tube with nozzle.

The guttas can be applied directly from the tube and nozzle or from a pipette and
gutta nib. The gutta outline must be smooth and continuous. They flow readily into the silk fibres forming a barrier to the colour. To complete the sealing, you can iron the gutta before applying the colour.The Setasilk colours fuse on silk. It is better to apply them near the center of each outlined area. Do not overload the brush to avoid the risk of overflowing. All the guttas can be resistant to washing after having been iron fixed with the exception of the colourless gutta which is designed to wash out leaving a white line on the fabric where it has been applied.

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